Dark purple hair colour is the best shade to rock if you are looking for the best colour to reveal your bold and adventurous personality, without going abroad into vivid colours such as red or blue. The best thing is that there is a myriad of options you can opt for from the purple spectrum and you don’t have to rock one particular variation of purple every day. For instance, if you have olive or darker skin, you would want to opt for deep violets.

Including various shades into your hair for an extra pop can enhance depth and give your locks some life. So, dive into this amazing hair hue and experience the fun that comes with purple hair. Continue reading to see the most amazing looks of dark purple hair shade this year. Find out more here.

1.Curly Hair and Beautiful Raisin Balayage.

Get sexier with your amazing curls when you shade them with the defining violet hair colour. With this colouring, your hair can show off its structure and appears shinier and healthier.

2.Auburn to Dark Purple Hair.

Embrace a mystical look with violet to magenta transition that looks amazing on long hair. Rock these fascinating shades that can be effortlessly matched with shaggy waves and milkmaid braids. With this look, you are sure of an enticing look.

3.Elongated Locks with Eggplant Balayage.

A light addition to your black hair, purple hair highlights offer that additional factor of sleekness. The pairing of layered waves, polished curls, and texture in the look boosts volume and depth for a magic finish. This colour of purple is a sure-fire way to turn heads.

4.Dark to Light Purple Ombre.

This is an unimaginable transition from bold to pastel violet ideal for ladies with fair to medium skin complexion. You can opt to style it up or let if fall with some face-framing strands and fringes.

5.Deep Purple and Hints of Blue.

This is an electrifying work of art that suits ladies with fair skin and pink undertones. The dark purple hair blends quite well with hints of blue to enhance the density and give a fantastic dimension.

6.Dark Purple Highlights.

If you have black hair, you can give it some life with super dark purple highlights. Start by dyeing the ends and try to get lighter as you approach the roots.

7.Merlot Wine and Dark Roots.

You will always get it right if you choose this crimson shade. The seamless change from black to auburn violet is a no brainer thing and correctly blends well with the texture.

8.Darker Plum Bob.

Achieve and immediate brightening impact from the purple-red blend. Even if you have straight locks, as long as you select a complementing cut, this is a sure hairstyle to steal the show.

9.Dark Violet.

This is the best look if you need purple hair to go bold with any cut. The fresh colours exude their richness and volume in an exemplary manner.

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