Since, cannabidiol has become popular these days, the danger of any fake brand or fake CBD products have also started rising. In this small writeup, we shall discuss how you can identify fake CBD brand from a genuine one.

There are a number of popular CBD products like CBD oil, CBD tinctures, CBD edibles and many more. Due to rise in popularity of these products a number of unscrupulous brands has also started appearing in the market and trying to sell all these products.

How can you identify any fake CBD brands?

Do you know what will you need to identify or catch any fake CBD oil red-handed? After reading it, you will also must also use your own instinct and discretion for finding the brand which fits your style.

Those who have been involved in this industry for quite some time, will surely be aware of few tell-tale signs, which most of the cannabidiol company want to make, but they are no good at that.

Following are few of them:

  1. Quality of writing

In case you find on the company’s website that it was in fact outsourced either from Bangladesh or China, then you must suspect that you are after the wrong kind of tree.

Maybe we all tend to make mistakes time to time, however, repeated spelling errors, any odd use of phrases, or even sometimes intimidating or threatening type of language can be signs to suspect.

You may be dealing with an opportunist con man rather than a genuine company.

  1. Customer reviews

Do you know, on an average, how many reviews, does each product can have on the website of a company? Most well-known brands will have a large number of reviews while any dubious company may have maximum 10 verified customer reviews.

Usually, customer reviews will provide you information about products, but often they tell you something, which is much more important too.

Reasonable number of genuine product reviews, properly verified, will indicate that CBD company is genuine and doing right things and also reaching to their customers.

  1. Pricing

Often fake CBD companies may charge more because they know they are already selling fake product, then why not increase the price as much as possible that consumers are ready to pay.

If CBD product that you are looking seems overpriced then probably it is.

Try to put this up against any comparable products available and see where it stands. If there is really a genuine reason your cannabidiol product seems expensive, it must have something extra that other products may not have.

  1. Ease of checkout

If you are tired of going through 5 separate checkout screens for buying your CBD products, then any clunky, outdated page can be sure sign that CBD company is not a genuine one.

Maybe you will be surprised to know how many consumers often give up during online transactions only because of complicated checkout pages.

Quite possible you are already one among those disenchanted CBD customers.

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