In 2014, we already heard rumors that next year would be an economic recession and made sure that in 2015 it involved not only rumors, but the discovery of the consequences of how the country was conducted. Now we see rising inflation, rising dollar, credit constraints, rising arrears, etc. In this sense, the Serasa Experian Default Enterprise indicator shows that Brazilian companies started the year with arrears and pointed 12.1% of the pattern of overdue financial growth. First quarter 2015 compared to the same period 2014.
Despite all the economic problems, according to economist and former finance minister Maílson of Nobrega, Brazil is going through a crisis and is not collapsing, that is, we will not falter like Argentina and Venezuela. What does that mean? That, in the midst of this turmoil, you may also have good business and growth chances como se cadastrar na Hinode

The unusual question is how this can be possible. What should be the science of everyone, especially entrepreneurs, is that, in these times of stagnation and crisis, the market opens new fronts to be worked. With the crisis, people tend to grow older and have more basic service habits, but they do not want to become outdated according to new technological trends and behaviors. So here are the right words to use right now: innovation and optimization.
People at this time of lean finance will want to buy and fix used cars instead of buying new cars; They will want to restore used clothes and shoes; They will renovate their homes because access to credit is restricted to mortgages, etc. Here, the differential will provide these customers, as goods and services will have to be quality, modern and affordable.
In order to make good use of these good business opportunities in the midst of the crisis, the company must be mindful of its health and financial management. And of course the costs must be dry. Therefore, it is mandatory to do cash flow analysis periodically; reformulation of the business plan; redo strategic and budget plans; plot new burdens, etc. projects Hiring a consultant or specialist services company can help you achieve the growth and participation goal of courses, lectures, and training that educate entrepreneurs about the subject.

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