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Easy Crypt is simply a Graphical GUI of the simplest nature for the Security Command Line product TrueCrypt

It will be featured in the Universe archives of the Ubuntu Hardy Heron Release



Other Internet Locations

Ubuntuforum Thread

The Main thread for Easy Crypt is located http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=585578

Launchpad binary

You can report bugs here, or ask questions https://www.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/easycrypt/

Launchpad project

Submit translations for Easy Crypt https://www.launchpad.net/easycrypt/

Easy Crypt is ready

There is a bug that freezes TrueCrypt 5.x when using a password to create crypt between 12 and 19 characters- this is fixed

Fork of EasyCrypt ( on your Nokia N800

EasyCrypt (with virtually no help from me) has been ported by a nice nice chap called Anthony Stramaglia


The package he provides seems to be compatible with TrueCrypt 4.3a and is in its first release.

My best wishes to him and his efforts.

Easy Crypt is ready

This version is to allow for the 5.1a release made today: it also no fails back to the highest version code I have written - so when a new version of TrueCrypt arrives (5.2) my code will fail back to 5.1a - obviously this may not 100% work, but it should be the best chance at compatibility - as always I will try to keep up with command line interface changes

Source's changes

The PPA location for gutsy has changed - because Hardy now has newer python-central modules I have moved the Gutsy build into a different part of my PPA

The PPA for Gutsy is

deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/stevenharperuk/ubuntu gutsy main restricted universe multiverse

The PPA for Hardy is

deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/stevenharperuk/ubuntu hardy main restricted universe multiverse

Please look at the Installing section for details on how to change these on your system.

Easy Crypt is ready

The main feature is that TrueCrypt 5.1 is supported, also a nice message arrives if you have that pesky 5.0 version. Even better still 4.3a works perfect too.

If anyone is on a Hardy Build I would love feedback as I haven't tested it on hardy yet. (however the TrueCrypt package is identical so there should be no problems).

As a side note - Crypts created in 4.3a DO work in 5.1 Crypts created in 5.1 DONT work in 4.3a

So a list of changes are

  • New support for TrueCrypt 5.1
  • Decent error Message if you have 5.0
  • Fixed bug with 2 Create windows opening
  • If you have a Crypt open via command line and try to open it, EasyCrypt add it to its list of crypts

Thanks for your on-going interest/support


Easy Crypt is ready

A huge thanks to Mathieu Gaspard, most of the changes in this release are based on his diff, thanks Mathieu.

New Features

  • Applied all the huge tidy up and debug effort by: Mathieu Gaspard
  • His changes also include changing the crypt array to a dictionary
  • He also added a very verbose debug mode, called with -d
  • Mathieu also suggested a left-click to activate tray icon, this is implemented
  • Fixed Bug when calculating space on long mount locations
  • Added Danish Language
  • Added Greek Language

Easy Crypt is ready

New Features

  • Add warning when you try to open same Crypt twice
  • When changing Mode you are now only warned if you have Crypt(s) open that they will be closed
  • Change Open Crypt - normal to Open the Crypt
  • Change Close Crypt - normal to Close the Crypt
  • Change Open Crypt - expert to Open a Crypt
  • Change Close Crypt - expert to Close a Crypt
  • TrayIcon now much more useful text - displays status of crypts
  • Warn user about Open crypts when you close the manager
  • Improved Close All so that it goes through all crypts - wont close non Easy Crypt handled crypts
  • Fixed a bug in the checkOpened method

Easy Crypt is ready

IMPORTANT: Change your password to printable ASCII characters only before you update

If you don't do this then you will have to go back to then change the passwords - as none ASCII characters are no-longer allowed.

Fixes / Changes are

  • Fixed keyfiles showing in auth.log
  • Removed encoding of passwords
  • Removed encoding filepaths to SpecialCommandRunner
  • Added NTFS as inner filesystem type (sudo apt-get install ntfsprogs) is needed before it appears
  • Added warning message when Truecrypt detects that your trying to use none ASCII printable characters in supplied password

So if you want NTFS to appear as an option you MUST have the support library's installed

sudo apt-get install ntfsprogs

Then it should appear as an option in Create.

Easy Crypt is ready

Most importantly the fix recently to remove log entires has been superseded with something that is not a hack

Now all truecrypts calls are done via a proper interactive threads, rather than using the bugged truecrypt -d command.

This means that to my best knowledge there is no longer any location where you password is logged to disk.

Fixed / Features are

  • Removed previous hack and replaced all truecrypt -d calls with non logging versions
  • removed code to clean logs
  • Added Catalan Language
  • Added German Language
  • Added French Language
  • Added Galician Language
  • Added Polish Language
  • Added Russian Language

Easy Crypt is ready

Some translations have been updated, however launchpad translations are having problems at the moment : you cannot get exports from it: when it gets fixed I will update the translations.

The reason for this fix is to address the TrueCrypt bug: when you use truecrypt -p in a terminal, truecrypt writes the password in plain text into the /var/log/auth.log

This release cleans up that log

Easy Crypt is ready


  • Fixes to crypt size slider can be dragged (virtually) greater than the max range : this is now capped
  • detect crypt in crypt didnt have a slash on the end of detection paths

new Features

  • Now preset, text and slider are fully linked
  • Typed or slide action will update prefix size if matches
  • Prevented picking a preset greater than your max space on filesystem
  • Restricts crypt size to 2000MB if on FAT32 or FAT16

new Languages

  • Added Dutch Language
  • Added Norwegian Bokmal Language
  • Added Swedish Language

Easy Crypt is ready

  • add selected Crypt sizes (drop down and text) (mostly from Michael Anckaert)
  • Bugfix: two goes to change from expert to normal vice versa

Many thanks to Michael Anckaert, who provided me with my first ever patch file, the changes he made represented 90% of the changes in this version - the new manually selectable crypts sizes and the preset drop down sizes. He also did a translation for me (dutch)

plans for the future

  • Add a 'make inner crypt' wizard
  • Option in Preferences : remember recent crypts

what does it do

Easy Crypt currently:

  • Stores preferences at ~/.config/easycrypt.conf
  • Makes a crypt for the user at ~/easycrypt-crypt
  • Allows users to select a size for the crypt
  • Allows users to select & change the crypt password
  • Allows users to mount and unmount the crypt
  • They are mounted at /media/crypt
  • Easy crypt looks for Truecrypt and prompt for download /install (deb package from trucrypts website)
  • All interaction with Trucrypt is done via a Status Icon in the Tray
  • The default encryption is Whirlpool
  • The default file type is vfat
  • The program is ready for multilingual support, however translations have not started yet.
  • All crypts are portable to other Operating systems

The Expert mode allows

  • Choice of crypt location
  • Multiple mounted crypts
  • Choice of crypt encryption algorithm
  • Choice of crypt hashing algorithm
  • Add Extra Key files options for Creation and mounting
  • Inner Format options: FAT EXT2 EXT3 NTFS (NTFS requires you install ntfsprogs)


you have 2 options

auto update

You can do Either of the next two steps - depending how you are comfortable

add to sources (terminal)

Crypt will be kept up-to date by the Gnome Update Manager, in a terminal

sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list

then add these lines to the bottom of your file if your on Gutsy

deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/stevenharperuk/ubuntu gutsy main restricted universe multiverse

then add these lines to the bottom of your file if your on Hardy

deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/stevenharperuk/ubuntu hardy main restricted universe multiverse

run the following in a terminal

sudo apt-get update

add to sources (gui)

From the Ubuntu Menu System | Administration | Software Sources Click on the Third Party Software tab Click on the +Add button Enter the value (if your on Gutsy)

deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/stevenharperuk/ubuntu gutsy main restricted universe multiverse

Enter the value (if your on Hardy)

deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/stevenharperuk/ubuntu hardy main restricted universe multiverse

Click the Reload button when prompted

install package

then to install, run the following in a terminal

sudo apt-get install easycrypt

from now on when the gnome update manager checks for updates it will also check my PPA for Easy Crypt updates

manual install

You can manually get and install releases at http://www.squeezedonkey.com/svn/linux/trunk/releases/easycrypt/


You have 2 options

  • Click on the Menu item in Applications -> Accessories -> Easy Crypt
  • From a terminal enter the command easycrypt (you get debug in terminal if you do this)

you should notice a new Tray icon, right click on it to get started.


Please consider translating Easy Crypt into your Native language

Translators can go and fill in (online) the strings for Easy Crypt in their own language and I can then grab them and use them in the new Version of Easy Crypt.

Translation Page

To add a NEW language simply HACK this URL

[1] https://translations.launchpad.net/easycrypt/trunk/+pots/easycrypt/it/+translate

you need to change this bit


to the language you want to add, so for Romanian (ro) it would be


contact and feedback

Please send any Feedback to



old News

Easy Crypt is ready

New Features / Fixes

  • Added Modifiable mount path option in Preferences
  • When creating new crypts, chown all EXT2 and EXT3 filesystem's to be owned as current user
  • Fixed Bug : normal mode, open crypt - no crypt dialog breaks

Both these changes have their uses:

Having the EXT filesystem's chowned to the current user means that you will have full ownership and rights to the new drives - this may cause problems when you move them to other installations of Ubuntu - as your User ID may be different, but most of you will know how to re-chown the files back to your user again (sudo chown -R USER PATH) - This change was made for convenience of having the crypt as your user when you make it.

The next change is that in the Expert section of Preferences you have a new checkbox : Modifiable mount path This allows you to change the mount path of a given crypt - big deal you think - however it has its uses

Say for instance you choose the mountpoint /home/steven/.mozilla (do this with Firefox closed) then when you open Firefox - it behaves like you have opened it for the first time (don't worry your old files are still there, when you unmount the crypt (close Firefox first) all your old bookmarks will be back.

So what you have there is a secure way of making your bookmarks, cookies and browsing history portable between machines. It works for other apps too. Just make sure you make the Crypts big enough.

Please note that before you try anything like this I Highly recommend that you Backup any data you have that is critical. (copy .mozilla to another place)

Easy Crypt is ready

New Features / Fixes

  • Added a Close all to bottom of Close Expert List
  • Now Close Selection list stays open when still a crypt left to close
  • Added Welcome Screen with basic instructions and setup crypt button
  • Changed recreate button (normal mode) to Setup Crypt
  • Fixed bug : making a crypt within another crypt

Please note: you can help me translate Easy Crypt by visiting https://translations.launchpad.net/easycrypt/trunk/+pots/easycrypt

Easy Crypt is ready

Fixes / Features are:

  • fixed major bug - preventing Expert mode working in non-english versions
  • added Brazilian Portuguese

Easy Crypt is ready

Fixes / Features are:

  • Moved making of the new EXT2 and EXT3 File Systems to its own Thread
  • Made dynamic root location detection
  • Removed old language code

Easy Crypt is ready

It has been submitted to my PPA It has been submitted to Hardy It can be downloaded as a DEB from my releases

  • New Filetypes supported ext2 and ext3
  • Made password entry screen stay open if you get password wrong

SVN Move Round and Submittal of

Good news, easycrypt is now in Hardy, it needs to be built yet, but I am sure that will happen soon. https://www.launchpad.net/ubuntu/hardy/+queue/?queue_state=0&queue_text=easycrypt

I have moved round all the SVN structure to have tags, branches etc... this is better and lets me automate the diffing processes.

I have now gone through the new (for me) process of making an update of my package, basically you make a diff, and then raise a bug against your package. You can see mine here:


I have also automated as much of the process as possible, thus making future releases much easier:

Always its best to share, so for other Developers and packages I have included all my build scripts into my SVN


The most Used ones are

  • build.sh
  • build_compare.sh
  • upload_REVU.sh
  • upload_PPA.sh

Please feel free to copy and use them they are all GPLV2

Easy Crypt is ready

New Features

  • Added new Keyfiles option to Expert section
  • Added loads of bits to handle keyfiles


  • Updated Italian Translations
  • Made expert and normal translateable
  • Added skip of closeall to not try to close if crypts never opened
  • Fixed bug on close window when at password leaves crypt in open crypts list
  • Swapped most of close buttons for Cancel Buttons - added Cancel buttons to windows that needed them
  • Sectionized the Preferences Window
  • Added message to ask you to mount a crypt first if you wish to change it

A quick chunk of info about keyfiles.

  • Keyfiles can be used instead or in conjunction with passwords.
  • Once a Crypt is created against a Keyfile, you can only open it with that Keyfile
  • To change an Existing Crypt to a new Keyfile, you must supply the old and new keyfile

So basically you can use a file and/or password to secure your crypt, you cam also add keyfile security (or remove it) from existing crypt. You can also have just keyfiles as you security (no password).

Easy Crypt is Ready

The following Features / Bugs have been addressed

  • Fixed spaces in file path bug for creating and mounting crypts
  • Fixed escaping password and change password
  • Unexpected Feature - will never be able to have a \ in the password
  • Feature - new checkbox in preferences to mount crypts as thier file name
  • Added close button to select crypt window
  • Added Open TrueCrypt website to About window
  • new Translation Italian

Easy Crypt is ready.

Nice new features in this new version, its submitted to REVU as usual

New Features

  • Added Toggle password checkbox to create crypt
  • Added Toggle password checkbox to change crypt password
  • Added Enryption Algorithm option for Expert
  • Added Hash Algorithm option for Expert

Easy Crypt is ready.

The great part is that after lots of iterations, it has been reviewed and passed on the REVU server.

What this means it that Easy Crypt will be on the next version of Ubuntu (Hardy Heron) out in April 2008.

You will be-able to search or browse in the APT Manager (Add/Remove Programs) and find and simply tick the box to install it.

You can as usual get the package from my SVN location http://www.squeezedonkey.com/svn/linux/trunk/releases/easycrypt/

However I do urge you to add my PPA and get AUTO updates See below for instructions

My next job is starting communications with TrueCrypt and working towards a TrueCrypt DEB for the Ubuntu repository, if this happens I can get the APT Manager to auto install and Update TrueCrypt when you install Easy Crypt.

Many thanks to the MOTU team for their packaging help and all there effort today (its the full review day today).

Easy Crypt is ready

The Deb is easycrypt_0.2.1.9+svn20071026-0ubuntu1_all.deb

This new name coincides with the changes in packaging for the REVU submissions.

I have spent 10+ hours on getting the packaging perfect, there's just so much to learn and so many finicky changes to get right, also as hardy is v new a lot of the documentation is conflicting as new standards are being implemented.

New Features

  • Can now change mode in Preferences without having to restart
  • New option to show Stock menu icons
  • Create crypt now allows you to pick from 1->MB left on disk

Its on the PPA but someone has decided to get the PPA server to build all of OpenOffice, so it may be some time till it gets round to building mine, if you can't wait just grab the DEB from here http://www.squeezedonkey.com/svn/lin...ses/easycrypt/ is ready

This is a packaging change to that the whole package now complies with the REVU server. http://revu.tauware.de/

This allows me start get through the process to get onto the next version of Ubuntu (Hardy Heron)

Anyone using my PPA to keep Easy Crypt up-to-date, must now update the sources.list file.

in a terminal

sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list

then add these lines to the bottom of your file

deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/stevenharperuk/ubuntu feisty main restricted universe multiverse
deb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/stevenharperuk/ubuntu feisty main restricted universe multiverse

0.2.1-0 is ready


  • Bug fix of Progress Bar

Also if you have upgraded from Feisty or another distro, you MUST get the correct Truecrypt for your OS Go get the correct version for your os here http://www.truecrypt.org/downloads.php

Some of the symptoms of having the wrong version, are that you can create, but not open Crypts

0.2.0-0 is ready

New Features

  • Preferences panel
  • Expert Mode
  • Select Crypt panel
  • Multi Mounts
  • Create New Crypts
  • Auto Start on Login

This is a Major rework, and now allows you to mount and create multiple crypts from multiple locations, including removable media, it also switches to use kdesud instead of gksudo when running on Kubuntu.

My next plans are to add more options (in expert mode) when you create a crypt....

0.1.6-2 is Ready

Fixes are:

  • Debug Path prevents any languages working

This build is for all Platform

0.1.6-1 is Ready

This build is for all Platform Please also note that Truecrypt now host the Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy DEB

Fixes are:

  • Fix language to default to English if no current translation available

As always you can get the deb directly, but I recommend using the PPA - see the download section below.

Personal Package Archives

PPA is the Personal Package Archive, what this is, is an Ubuntu product that allows you to upload you source code and it builds and hosts an Ubuntu repository.

What this means is that you can add the repository to your /etc/apt/sources.list for instructs see the download section below.

0.1.4 is Ready

Switched Translations from XML file to Debian and Ubuntu friendly po (mo compiled) files

This may not look like much, but it involved lots of work (and learning). The advantage is that I have now submitted my pot (template) to launchpad. This means that translators can get to work using the GUI in launchpads website to do the translations for me (and maintain them).

recent feature from 0.1.2-3

  • Changed Create page to have two passwords to enter
  • Defaulted standard encryption to whirlpool
  • When Re-creating crypt old crypt not deleted until new details submitted
  • Made Change Password window - and made it work
  • Switched to default about and exit icons
  • Changed TrayIcon to proper gtk StatusIcon, this enables me to position it lovely
  • Have to Assume that the popup feature will be bound to mouse button 1 on that Environment
  • Added Title stings to All dialogs
  • Added a Change Password menu item - doesn't work yet
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