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USB ADSL Modem Manager for Gnome

Welcome to the Media Wiki for the USB ADSL Modem Manager project

Please email me with any Questions or Offers to help at


If you are having problems Please visit Troubleshooting Most problems are with PPPoE and conflicts with adapters, if you have tried other instructions to get your modem working and have not tided up the old ppp and inin.d files, then conflicts can happen when the pppo and nas0 adapters are attempted to be made.

New Main Ubuntu Forums Thread

The old thread and forum got closed at the end of Gutsy Development

So the new one is in Hardy Heron

0.5.8 is now ready for 32bit Ubuntu

I have stopped the status detection (every 5 seconds) once the Modem is connected....

This should fix the popups seen on kubuntu

On ubuntu I was seeing the cursor switch to a spinning one every 5 seconds, with 0.5.8 it does not do that any more.

Do remember if you check the box in preferences : leave modem connected, then you can just shut the Tray icon and the modem stays connected.

0.5.7 is now ready for 32bit Ubuntu

Ok Another BUG, I have tested from a full reboot with the firmware removed.

The last problem, was that the terminal I was testing from had gksudo rights.

The new release 0.5.7 is tested from a full reboot.

You can download it at

Thanks for your patience


0.5.6 is now ready for 32bit Ubuntu

I have found another bug, and fixed it.

The problem was that I was running my test box as root, and the lsusb command used in the modem detection behaves as root, but splurges text to the console, thus confusing the Modem detection.

You can download it at

0.5.5 is now ready for 32bit Ubuntu

New Features are

  • New Tray Icon
  • Fixed Modem Detection bug : was a show stopper in Gutsy

0.5.4 is now ready for 32bit Ubuntu

New Features are

  • Added Indonesian language
  • Added Italian language
  • Fixed hanging pppd call when pppd has problems (wrong password), using Threads
  • Added Firmware init grace period - fixes having sometimes to re-plug modem twice
  • Added info about connection on first start
  • Fixed Multiple PID killing
  • Smartened up all Debug output

I have had to create a new Text String and therefore need Translations doing for all my supported languages, pick up the file and help me Instructions Here

0.5.4 Release in 32bit

Please Try this new Package, if you have problems I'd love to hear them

I have made a Kubuntu package! For you (1) Kubuntu users you have a required libs directory in your version You must install them all, I have put them in order to make you life nice.

I have tested a PPPoA line on 7.04 i386 Kubuntu and it works Please note that the default browser integrates too tightly with the KDE network manager, and it thinks that its not connected I don't use kubuntu and I don't know how to fix that; however if you install Firefox (once your connected) it works fine

I have recently added PPPoE support, I would love more testers for PPPoE : PPPoE Instructions Here

I have a User using a Mac PPC version of Ubuntu : PPC Guide Here

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