Technical Field invention relates to a way of manufacturing a peptide oyster, and more particularly to a form for the assembly of commercial enzymes from the oyster system fetch peptide oyster enzymatic method. Preparation of the oyster peptide can better digestion and absorption. Of this invention to catch up on deficiencies of the prior art, a process provides a secure, industrial production of short production cycle oyster enzymatic Preparation of the peptide from the oyster.

Improve The Immune System With The Help Of Oyster Peptide

The oyster extract may be a great enhancer for several reasons. When side effects are experienced, they are minor and not life-threatening or injuring whatsoever. This product is even been shown to stop heart attacks. Some say male enhancing products don’t work, but this is often simply untrue. After eating oysters peptide, they are going to be a synthesis of glutathione within the body, remove the body of active oxygen, improve immunity, inhibit aging. Meanwhile, lead Arsenite not only to inhibit cell aging but also to promote metabolism.

The Subsequent Technical Solutions To Achieve Oyster Peptide Invention

A way for the assembly of commercial enzymes Preparation of oysters from the oyster peptide, which is exceptional in that: comprising the steps of Adding 30 – 36ml 30% caustic feed liquid transfer PH7 0 – 7. 5, heating. 48 – 52 ° C, neutral protease is added 10 -20g, hydrolysis begins, response time was 6 hours; Was warmed to eight TC 10min for enzyme inactivation; purification oyster production process, the most staple powder as oysters, enzymatically, through Filtered, concentrated and spray-dried as a white powder oyster peptide produced.

The industrial production method for creating peptide of oyster

Mass And Chemical Composition Of Oyster Peptide

Oyster peptide invention is in a bold experiment; careful verification supported the confirmed high purity protease enzyme, complete hydrolysis time is brief, easy to filter, He won peptide rate, and achieved quite expected effect, significantly improving the technological content and quality of the merchandise. A relative molecular mass of 90% of the oyster peptide is restricted enzymatically hydrolyzed to supply oyster peptide present the method is straightforward and short generation cycle, the assembly of white oyster peptide products like lactoferrin (LF) , no smell, taste good, small relative molecular mass peptides contained mixed, it is often directly consumed as protein nutritional supplements, but also as clinical nutrition, health foods, movement of food ingredients and other functions, to enhance product value shell to get high-value products have found a replacement way.

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